COLOMPO List of Directory is where you will find all our directories listed in order with most of the knowledge and information we want to share with our lovely members or visitors.

Because we want to share many Kind of information so you can find in our directories in History and geography chemistry so you will find a list of names of presidents of a different country also some list will contain information about the countries, about cars, and some information about elements as well as some about the language grammars


Presidents of France

And US Presidents

Also, you can find also other kinds of a directory as
US States 
List of Country

Capitals of the countries 
Car Markes from all the World

World Currencies


Element List 

Popular Websites

List of Popes

This, not all that we want to share with our members and visitors but it is just the start we will be always adding new directories, also we will be more than happy to get any suggestion of what the readers want to find as information on this pages so we can add what you are looking for as soon as we can, colompo LTD it is not just a market place but also a member of the large family in whole the world